How to teach reported speech

Explain that you want the students to role-play the following situation. The students must listen carefully. The first student to collect all their message cards wins the game.

Ask them to reduce the report now to words. I said I played football with friends.

Reported speech – tips and activities

ESL Reported Speech Game - Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 45 minutes In this energizing reported speech game, students report back answers to questions and race to complete sentences about what people said. ESL Reported Speech Activity - Writing, Listening and Speaking - Pre-intermediate - 30 minutes In this amusing reported speech activity, students have to try to remember what their classmates said.

It is one thing to say what you think and totally different to talk about what other people have said. Karen said Juan loved chocolate more than life itself.

Report on what several students said about their plans for the holidays. Check the answers as a class after several repetitions.

How to Teach Reported Speech for ESL Students

Afterwards, students give feedback to the class on their interviews. A lesson on reported speech is the perfect opportunity to review different structures and vocabulary. In the activity, students play a miming game where they guess what their classmates were told to do using reported speech.

When all the group members have written the sentence, the next student asks the second question to the person whose name is written at the beginning of the second sentence and so on.

The activities here are divided into different kinds of drill, ways of exploiting texts and analysis.

Reported speech – tips and activities

Ask the students to tell what they did last weekend by using the past simple tense. You may also try this other, easier version.

When they hear a fact that is different from those on the board, someone must interrupt you and seek clarification, using the following structure: When the correct person has been guessed, the student reports back the additional information.

Trip around the World ESL Reported Speech Activity - Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking - Intermediate - 45 minutes In this reported speech activity, students role-play an interview between a traveller who is planning a trip around the world and a journalist who is interviewing them about their trip.

Juan said he was going to Mexico. Each student is given a copy of the worksheet. The students then write down in reported speech the questions they were asked and report back on the answers they received.

Past continuous becomes past perfect continuous. Tips and ideas from Kerry Maxwell and Lindsay Clandfield on teaching reported speech.

Feel free to introduce reported speech to your intermediate level students but make sure to brush up on their major verb tenses first! The news Prepare for this activity by going to a news website and looking around for short news stories with examples of reported speech. The student then returns and reports back the answer to the group using reported speech, e.

First, some ideas on when to teach reported speech to your ESL students Recently, I developed a set of reported speech teaching resources that you can find here. Each student is then given a card.How to Teach Reported Speech – Review – Practice & Lesson plan Teaching students reported or indirect speech can be complicated by the all the changes that are required when moving from direct speech into reported speech.

Reported Speech Card Games. For some students, the best way to learn Reported Speech is by reading the statements they have to report. This is why we often write them on the board.

Try these card games instead! For the first game, prepare a set of index card each with a direct speech statement on one side and the indirect statement on. First, some ideas on when to teach reported speech to your ESL students Recently, I developed a set of reported speech teaching resources that you can find here.

When publishing the lesson plans, I decided to rate each of the six reported speech lessons as “advanced”. Teaching Reported Speech in The Present Simple.

First of all, you should teach your students how to report speech in present tense. This is the simplest way to teach speech, so it is the best starting point for getting familiar with indirect speech.

Ask your students to tell what they typically do on weekends by using the present simple tense. Reported speech is a great opportunity for students to do interviews with classmates, teachers or family members so this activity may be best as a homework assignment.

How to Teach Reported Speech for ESL Students

If students have never had the opportunity to conduct interviews before, it would be good to provide them with several questions to ask. Separate the board into two sides; write the sentence in direct speech (use quotation marks) on one side and sentence in reported speech on the other side.

Make sure students understand that the verb in simple present was changed to simple past, and the reason is that the reporting verb is in past.

How to teach reported speech
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