Management programme term end examination

Building and operating storage facilities at Trincomalee tank farm, LIOC is involved in bulk supply to industrial consumers. If your program is new, you may need to evaluate the process in the program to verify that the program is indeed carried out according to your original plans.

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It attached great importance to the recruitment and training of its senior supervisors. IOC has already been exponing its products such as Servo Lubricant and other petroleum products to a number of overseas markets including Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Registration- Registration forms have been specially designed for online registration with the facility of uploading scanned certificates, other required documents and photograph.

By their third and fourth years, most students are Management programme term end examination on a solid research and publication stream.

They can both understand more about certain areas of their programs and not go bankrupt doing so. What is the status of the program's progress toward achieving the goals? Select course s carefully while filling the examination form as per your registration details available in IGNOU website.

The outputs are the units of service, e.

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Attempt any four questions from this section. Evaluation gives you this continuing feedback. Some Major Types of Program Evaluation When designing your evaluation approach, it may be helpful to review the following three types of evaluations, which are rather common in organizations.

Management programme term-end examination

Duration of each contact session will be of 10 days. These conditions are for the year of enrolment. In the case of 2nd year courses, you can take the examination of the courses again in June next year.

Mention the purpose and uses of factor analysis. This "last resort" approach, though, may just end up justifying ineffective activities you are doing now, rather than examining what you should be doing in the first place.

D and 65 M. Michael Patton, prominent researcher, writer and consultant in evaluation, suggests that the most important type of evaluation to carry out may be this implementation evaluation to verify that your program ended up to be implemented as you originally planned.

For example, do you want to know more about what is actually going on in your programs, whether your programs are meeting their goals, the impact of your programs on customers, etc?

Many people believe evaluation is a useless activity that generates lots of boring data with useless conclusions. Outcomes-Based Evaluation Program evaluation with an outcomes focus is increasingly important for nonprofits and asked for by funders.

Read the following case and answer the questions given at the end. The following information is a top-level summary of information from this site. Walk in admission-The admission for this programme is open throughout the year.

Write short notes on any three of the following: The company is setting up a state -of-the-art bulk storage terminal at Mer Rouge to stock 24 thousand Metric tonnes of vital petroleum products, auxiliary and bunkering facility and 25 modern petrol and Gas stations.

These evaluations are useful if programs are long-standing and have changed over the years, employees or customers report a large number of complaints about the program, there appear to be large inefficiencies in delivering program services and they are also useful for accurately portraying to outside parties how a program truly operates e.

He knew that the prosperity of the company, to a large extent, depended on these young men. To accomplish an outcomes-based evaluation, you should first pilot, or test, this evaluation approach on one or two programs at most before doing all programs.

The engineers thus selected had to undergo a two-year intensive theoretical and practical training. As a part of the internationalization strategy of IOC, it has entered into the foreign market using the following entry methods: What do you understand by factor analysis?

Decide how can that information be efficiently and realistically gathered see Selecting Which Methods to Use below. You Need Program s: You may not need all of the above. Contact Sessions — There shall be 4 contact sessions in each academic year.

Besides, many of the old - timers, who had risen from the ranks, did not possess the necessary academic background with the result that they could not keep pace with the technological changes.

Facilitate management's really thinking about what their program is all about, including its goals, how it meets it goals and how it will know if it has met its goals or not.MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME Term-End Examination December, MS ACCOUNTING AND FINANACE FOR MANAGERS Time: 3 hours Mnximum Marks:' (Veightage 70%) Note: Attempt any fizte questions.

All questions carry equal marks. IGNOU BCA synopsis approval status IGNOU has published the synopsis status for Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)/ Master of Computer Application (MCA) for the next examination.

Candidates are requested to see their status (Approved/ Not Approved) for Term End Examination, June (RC Noida). Exam Preparation Resources The ICRM offers a variety of resources for CRA and CRM candidates to prepare for the six examinations.

Recommended Reading The following publications have been recommended by the Exam Development Committee as excellent preparation resources. MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME Term-End Examination June, 2OOB MS OUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS FOR MANAG ERIAL APPLICATIONS Time: 3 hours Note: (i) Section A hss six quesf ions, each carrying 15.

APMP – Examination Paper Page 3 of 8 Question 1 Topic Resource Management Warning This question has two parts, answer both parts Question part (a) Explain the following approaches to resource scheduling: Resource smoothing Resource levelling Ensure that your answer distinguishes between the two approaches.

The fee here is the programme course fee which is divided in the equal number of terms. For e.g. if you took admission for BDP course, then the total fees is Rs which is divided into 3 parts, i.e.


Rs for each term. So the Re-registration amount becomes Rs each time. There is a maximum time period for every programme course.

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Management programme term end examination
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