Problems ofurbanization

Overcrowding leads to a constant problem of scarcity of houses in urban areas. To be more precise, demography is the study of changes in the size and composition of population.

People will not protect that which they do not understand or do not care about. While governments in the developing world Problems ofurbanization try to increase the supply of services to satisfy the increasing population, those in the developed world must try to cope with economic slowdown due to decentralization and changing working patterns.

For about a third of urban Indian families, a house does not include a kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet—and in many cases there is no power and water supply.

Some scholars think that the process of urbanization will bring numerous benefits for monetary growth, expansion of business Problems ofurbanization, social and cultural incorporation, resourceful services, as well as resources of utilization.

The inability of countries to provide adequate housing for these rural migrants is related to overurbanizationa phenomenon in which the rate of urbanization grows more rapidly than the rate of economic development, leading to high unemployment and high demand for resources. But some social change stems from the concerted efforts of people acting in social movements to alter social policy, as the news story on the student in the tent illustrates, or even the very structure of their government.

To understand changes in the size and composition of population, demographers use several concepts, including fertility and birth rates, mortality and death rates, and migration. Demographers identify several reasons for these high rates Weeks, Some women wish to have no children, some desire one or two children, and some prefer to have at least three children.

These landfills are breeding grounds of disease and countless poisons leaking into their environs.

Global ecological problems

These are issues that humanity is going to have to find solutions to if we are to both dwell in cities, yet have a livable planet for future generations. Since a variety of public facilities such as health and education are provided in the cities, people have more choices either to use public or private.

Absolute in the sense that these cities have a real high density of population; relative in the sense that even if the densities are not very high the problem of providing services and other facilities to the city dwellers makes it so. As this trend continues, it will become increasingly difficult to take care of the health and income needs of so many older persons, and there may be too few younger people to fill the many jobs and provide the many services that an industrial society demands.

Chennai uses water express trains to meets its growing demand for water.

11 Major Problems of Urbanisation in India

Dividing the latter figure by the former figure gives us 0. Even the economic crimes such as theft, cheating, breach of trust are concentrated in the north- central region.

Urbanization, Their Problems and Their Remedies

There is a greater awareness of the income gap between the rich and poor due to modern media. In the United States, this process has reversed as ofwith "re-urbanization" occurring as suburban flight due to chronically high transport costs. Modi has realized that most of the urban actions are technical but the employees who do these jobs are often clerical level therefore there must be focus on opening universities on urban planning, urban infrastructure, urban development for the assistance of young people to learn how to meet the demands of urbanization.

Social Forces, 84 4— When societies are small and simple, there are few roles to perform, and just about everyone can perform all of these roles. Key Takeaways As societies become more modern, they become larger and more heterogeneous.

Conflict Theory Whereas functional theory assumes the status quo is generally good and sudden social change is undesirable, conflict theory assumes the status quo is generally bad.

Migration is main cause for rapid growth of mega-cities. In the urban areas, people work in modern sector in the occupations that assist national economic development. The change we see in society is usually more gradual.

Besides this, the local authority also deals with the different goals and interests of community groups which they need to fulfil. As a matter of fact, cities comprise the backbone of economic expansion and urbanization is being seen in a positive light as an engine of economic growth and agent of socio-political transformation.

Bangalore is located on the plateau and draws water from Cauvery river at a distance of km. The initial problems faced by the developing countries are mostly due to demographic changes. Gans wrote that all of these three types generally find the city inviting rather than alienating and have positive experiences far more often than negative ones.

Juvenile delinquency and urban areas.Problems due to rapid rate of urbanization Degradation of environmental quality: Due to urbanization, there is environmental degradation especially in the quality of water, air and noise.

With the influx of more people in cities, there is. There are many environmental problems that are associated with so much urbanization on the landscape. These are issues that humanity is going to have to find solutions to if we are to both dwell in cities, yet have a livable planet for future generations.

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This paper demonstrates the development trend of worsening of water environment and geological disasters in Sanxia Reservoir region related to the three trans-century economic development zones at an angle of disaster prevention and environment protection,expounds the natural calamities in the energy and mineral resources exploitation area in Panzhihua, discusses the more and more serious.

Keywords Rurallogistics,Problems,Countermeasures,China Received:May30, Accepted:June6, The emergence of environmental problems largely derives from dynamic and rapid urbanization.


Urbanization represents a series of development processes including the increase in urban population, the expansion of city space, the adoption of new sciences and technology, the acceleration of economic growth and changes in social institutions.

Problems ofurbanization
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