Radical idea of marring for love

These values emphasizes that marriages are supposed to meet psychological and social needs more than ever before. This relationship is so embedded in accepted custom that the lover has the right, later in life, to ask his former mistress to marry her daughter to his son.

Criticism of marriage

Parents could force a son to divorce his wife if her behavior or work habits didn't please them, whether or not he loved her. A husband and wife, we believe, owe their highest obligations and deepest loyalties to each other and the children they raise.

As recently as a survey of college students in the Indian state of Karnataka found that only 18 percent strongly approved of marriages made on the basis of love, while 32 percent completely disapproved. Parents and in-laws should not be allowed to interfere in the marriage. Even in societies that esteemed married love, couples were expected to keep it under strict control.

This should not be the case in the current world because it only causes family breakups and separations where the children are always the victims. In China the parents of the groom could force their son to divorce his wife if they did not agree with her ways, even if he was in love with her.

Summar of “The Radical Idea of Marrying for Love, ” by Stephanie Coontz Essay Sample

Married couples should be best friends, sharing their most intimate feelings and secrets. This essay was very insightful, well researched, and well written. Less frequently, but often enough to challenge common preconceptions, wives have also been allowed to do this without threatening the marriage.

Lawrence Behrens and Leonard Rosen. Chinese commentators on marriage discouraged a wife from confiding in her husband or telling him about her day. A really confussing and indepth time line that is. Sons were sometimes ordered beaten for siding with their wives against their father. The secondary fathers were expected to provide the child with fish and game, with the result that a child with a secondary father was twice as likely to live to the age of fifteen as a brother or sister without such a father.

The children of Eskimo cospouses felt that they shared a special bond, and society viewed them as siblings. Love is perceived to be extremely important in the modern world and many people get married after falling in love first not like in the past where people would marry then start falling in love later.

In Botswana, women add an interesting wrinkle to the old European saying "Woman's work is never done.Free Essay: Running Head: The Radical Idea of Marrying for Love Summary of: The Radical Idea of Marrying for Love English Mrs. Charleston February 3. 1 English Dr. Brucie March 6, A Critique of “The Radical Idea Of Marrying For Love” by Stephanie Coontz In the beginning of the twentieth century, George Bernard Shaw portrayed marriage as the reason for two people to come together.

Chapter 1 The Radical Idea of Marrying for Love. George Bernard Shaw described marriage as an institution that brings together two people "under the influence of the most violent, most insane, most delusive, and most transient of passions.

If love could not be between a man and his wife, then the marriage is a mockery before God, for it is a sacred vow to love and honor one another until death do you part.

Even today, many cultures disapprove of marrying for love. Radical Acceptance — How to accept life as it really is and make meaning. “during 26 months of hospitalization, [Miss X] was, for a considerable part of this time, one of the most disturbed.

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Radical idea of marring for love
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