Understanding the theory of cognitive dissonance essay

Cognitive dissonance can occur intrapersonally as well as between two or more people.

Cognitive dissonance

That social preferences and social norms are related, and function in line with wage-giving among three persons. After cognitive dissonance theory, humans were seen as punishment driven beings that act not because of conditioning but because of mental processes.

Current Implications This essay talks about seemingly opposite things: You could say that I was undertaking a form of ethnographic research.

Cognitive Dissonance Essays (Examples)

Most of the time I had to become an active member of the persuasion process, or the subject of smoking possibly might not have been talked about.

Method Female students volunteered to take part in a discussion on the psychology of sex. Slater was a mother and understands very well why Linda was doing all this[22].

Communication: cognitive dissonance Essay

Linda was found to have breast cancer. People invested in a given perspective shall—when confronted with disconfirming evidence—expend great effort to justify retaining the challenged perspective. Consumer behavior[ edit ] Three main conditions exist for provoking cognitive dissonance when buying: She regularly underwent therapy.

In fact, he discovered several forms of dissonance. The groups then were offered a new choice, between the choice-object not chosen and a novel choice-object that was as attractive as the first object.

The Role of Effort Justification in Inducing Weight Loss indicated that the patient felt better in justifying his or her efforts and therapeutic choices towards effectively losing weight.

This is where Festinger's theory of cognitive dissonance attempts to rationalize her behavior. A large-scale conflict, particularly one based on identity such as an ethnic conflict, can be perpetuated by cognitive dissonance.

Yet another way that people react to cognitive dissonance is by adding or creating new cognitions. When two people have conflicting opinions or tension is felt between another person, it is more likely persuasion will occur.

A participant read aloud the printed name of a color.It is important to take notice of theories, such as the balance theory, the congruency theory and the cognitive dissonance theory so that one's self-persuasion occurs knowingly. As psychologist and theorist gain a better understanding of Festinger's cognitive dissonance theory manipulation could occur more easily than it already does in today's.

“Cognitive dissonance is a theory of human motivation that asserts that it is psychologically uncomfortable to hold contradictory cognitions. The theory is that dissonance, being unpleasant, motivates a person to change his cognition, attitude, or behavior.”.

Cognitive Dissonance

The Validity of Cognitive Dissonance Theory Essay examples - Description of Theory The term dissonance refers to when one cognitive element is inconsistent with another cognitive element according to the lecture notes of Professor Soreno. Communication: cognitive dissonance.

The origin of cognitive dissonance theories is frequently attributed to the writings of the American social psychologist Leon Festinger - Communication: cognitive dissonance introduction.

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Festinger () described the experience of cognitive dissonance as resulting from a need for psychological. Essay about Understanding the Theory of Cognitive Dissonance; Essay about Understanding the Theory of Cognitive Dissonance. Event-Cognitive Theory Essay.

Event-Cognitive Theory is an integrative theory taking specific elements of external influential theories, which function on the hypothesis that cognitions are a product of. Cognitive dissonance is so unpleasant that individuals would often rather be close-minded than be informed and deal with the repercussions of cognitive dissonance.

Dennis Sandole talks about the importance of understanding the paradigms of the people involved in the conflict.

Understanding the theory of cognitive dissonance essay
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