Woman is superior to men

There are many other factors, but these are the most important. Do you think that women are superior than men, not so because if you really pay attention, men are the one who are more superior. But when it comes to women, all of this is taken care of immediately.

There is not a comparable market for selling men. They are equal only in their common membership in the same species, humankind. Also, just take a look at the richest and most powerful people in the world. They are typically less violent and aggressive, and commit fewer crimes.

No wonder we are hospitable and critique at the same time. This situation gives females a double advantage. As per statistics, recession has affected 80 per cent of men as male dominated fields like manufacturing and finance have been hit the hardest. When he is in the garage tinkering around, he is in the garage tinkering.

Posted by Anonymous on Reply to comment Submit No women are not more Superior to men, and men are not superior to women. I do hate, and I believe God also hates, the ideology of feminism. So which sex is superior, men or women? Take a look at the most influential people in the world.

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It has been viewed over the years that males are more powerful than females. What do men find beautiful about women? That is typically how a man processes life. Posted by cmoneyspinner on Reply to comment Submit Of course not!

How God made man superior to woman

No wars Communication is important to civilization. Our thinking is divided up into boxes that have room for one issue and one issue only…. You need to do some historical, cultural and sociological research. Young women of today should actually know there is no reason they have to stay in an abusive relationship.

The more fuel required, the heavier the rocket becomes, which it in turn requires more fuel to launch. Not so long ago the Armed Forces in both the U. We communicate and argue our rights. The International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics published research concluding that female-led companies are more successful than ones led by males.Consciously or not, we men conveyed we were superior to these women and they challenged us on it.

Since that experience 40 years ago, our culture, with respect to the roles of women in the workplace and church, has changed.

Women are not superior to men.

Did Author William Golding Say That ‘Women Are Far Superior’ to Men?

Women have been fighting to fit in and be able to do the jobs that men are used to only be doing. I think anything that women should be treated as equal to men but not one superior over the other. In biological terms, men and women have different body structures, biological responses and sexual systems.

So which sex is superior, men or women? Some think that the clash between men and women was finally settled on a tennis court on September 20, in Houston, Texas.

17 Ways That Science Proves Women Are Superior To Men

Claim: <em>Lord of the Flies<\/em> author William Golding once said that women are "far superior [to men] and always have been."True. If you reside on Earth, you’ve probably heard of the myriad ways men are superior to women. Men have historically dominated the fields of science and philosophy and filtered their conclusions about the world through their own biases, resulting in some tragic, absurd, and hilarious misrepresentations of women.

I am thinking about things like, in general, men are physically stronger so that, in the Olympics, in most events, men and women don’t compete with each other. Or things like women being superior at singing soprano or bearing children or nursing children.

Woman is superior to men
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